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We provide quality and excellence to our clients and address large complex projects.

We are an independent specialty bridge and structural engineering consultancy firm with outstanding accomplishments in DB and P3 projects through our offices in Canada, Colombia, Peru, Spain, and the United States. We support our clients with our local knowledge and international perspective.

The firm is committed to technical excellence and innovative design. Our experience includes more than 2,000 bridge designs around the world, of all types, materials, structural types and sizes, as well as construction engineering, assessment, inspection and rehabilitation of bridges. The firm also provides engineering services for buildings, transportation, and civil engineering projects such as water treatment plants, reservoirs, roads, railways, subway, LRT, and underground structures.

Our engineers and technicians have been involved in the most intriguing projects on an international scale, working either for public or private sectors. We are growing but keeping our offices with a comfortable size so that the office directors are involved in most of the projects and can continually train and mentor our engineers to retain talent. With this approach, we can provide high quality and excellence to our clients and address complex projects.

Engineer of Record of:

  • 2000+ bridges of all types, sizes, and materials
  • 15+ Cable-Supported Bridges (9 already built) and helped to build 15+ more
  • 10+ Bridges in Stainless Steel and GFRP
  • 700,000+ m² of buildings (airport terminals, healthcare, commercial and residential)
  • 5+ km of cut-and-cover tunnels and subway
  • Construction engineering of numerous bridges and structures
  • Inspection of 5000+ bridges
Our approach is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each client and project. Build more with less, with minimum means, is always present in our designs to serve the public and future generations.

We are a leading specialty bridge design and structural engineering firm with international recognition for cutting edge innovation and technical expertise. Individually, or as a part of an integrated team with other consultants, we design holistically to achieve design excellence within the project constraints.  

Three of our distinctive strengths are 1. the consideration of constructability at early project stages, 2. our context-sensitive design approach, and 3. the design with advanced materials such as stainless steel and FRP to create sustainable structures.

Knowledge, innovation, ability to understand our client’s needs, and creativity are the four driven forces embedded in our culture to create optimal designs and to provide high-quality engineering services for our clients. We embrace sustainability strategies and produce context-sensitive designs to pleasingly shape and enhance our communities. Our designs result in elegant, economical, efficient, easy to build, and sustainable structures. This holistic design approach is what we call “The complex simplicity”—the elegance of simplicity that includes many complexities.

PEDELTA Group was founded by Juan A. Sobrino in 1994 to provide design and structural engineering services for transportation projects and buildings. Today, we are more than 140 professionals working in five countries and seven offices around the world. Many of our designs have been awarded, recognizing their innovative and aesthetic qualities.
The firm designs over 15 concrete bridges for the highway Sitges-Vendrell, Spain.
The firm designs 3 subway stations in Barcelona and over 2 km of cut-and-cover tunnels using top-down construction.
Pedestrian bridge over the Onyar River in Girona, Spain. Collaboration with the arquitects C. Guanter and A. Blazquez.
Pedelta opens its first office in the Americas. Since then, Pedelta Colombia has become the lead bridge engineering firm in the country.
Pedelta started to participate in the design of bridges for the high-speed rail network in Spain. Since then, the firm has designed over 70 bridges for HSR with an overall length of 25 km.
Envigado Bridge, the first Pedelta’s cable-stayed bridge is completed. The bridge received two national awards in Colombia in 2005.
Pedelta started to gain international recognition with the design of the longest GFRP pedestrian bridge using standard pultruded profiles in Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymers. The bridge was awarded for its innovation at the Footbridge Conference in Venice 2005.
The Cala Galdana Bridge in Minorca is completed. It is the world’s first vehicular bridge in duplex stainless steel. Since then, Pedelta has designed 7 bridges in stainless steel, including the two first in North America.
Pedelta opens its first office in North-America. Pedelta Inc. is based in Coral Gables, FL.
The Abetxuko bridge in Vitoria is completed.
Juan Sobrino moves to North America to lead Pedelta’s operations in the region.
Pedelta opens its office in Toronto, Canada.
The Triplets, three extradosed bridges in the capital of Bolivia, are awarded with the Figg Medal, Pittsburgh, PA.
The second phase of the extension of the Bogota’s international airport is completed. This includes over 2650 m2 of post-tensioned concrete slabs and long-span steel roof.
The bridge over the Ter River in Girona, Spain, is completed. It materializes a very innovative concept.
Two major cable-stayed bridges are completed in Colombia. The Honda bridge, with a main span of 247 m and the Hisgaura bridge with a main span of 330 m and 148 m high towers.
The Fort York Pedestrian bridges (Toronto, ON), are completed. These structures are the two first duplex stainless steel bridges in North America.
Our strength is our team of nearly 150 committed professionals.

Our local leaders and technical directors closely supervise each project from inception to completion to maintain high standards with every project.

Juan A. Sobrino, Ph.D., P.E., P.Eng., ing., ICCP
Founder and President – North America’s C.E.O.

Javier Jordan, M.Sc., P.E., P.Eng., ICCP
Global Technical Director

Leonardo A. Rosillo, M.Sc., Civil Engineer
C.E.O. Colombia

Raluca Badanau, B.Sc.
North-America’s Business Development Director

Ignacio Abad, M.Sc., Civil Engineer, ICCP
Office Director. Madrid, Spain

Johan Castano, M.Sc., Civil Engineer
Office Director. Lima, Peru

Nelson Betancour, M.Sc., Civil Engineer
Technical Director Colombia

We work as a single company to find the best solution. We bring to our clients both local and global knowledge.

We locally operate in five countries today, including Canada and the USA, where we continue to expand. The company has served in the USA since 2006, Canada since 2012, Spain since 1994, Colombia since 2000, and Peru since 2016.