Project Description

Pedelta provided construction engineering services for the construction of two bridges of the Base Entry Road in Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. The Wallace Creek Road bridges consist of dual 105 ft long single span structures supported by 54’’ prestressed concrete beams and integral MSE wall supported abutments. The Bearhead Creek Bridge, on the other hand is 605 ft long and is supported on precast concrete piles and pile caps. It is composed of 50 ft long spans of 21” prestressed concrete cored slab beams.

The services included the design check of the substructure to allow for a top-down construction under heavy load construction stages, and the design of a crane walking platform.

Design/Construction Approach

Pedelta carried out the following tasks to identify and quantify the most relevant optimizations and improvements in the construction process:

- Design of the Crane Walking Platform, composed by steel grade 50 ksi I-beams using hot rolled structural shapes and reinforcement plates according to AISC and AASHTO current editions. The objective was to design the supporting platform to withstand the different crane loads during the top-down construction sequences.

- Substructure Structural Check during the top-down construction sequences.

- Evaluation of Material Layout on Bridge. Design check of  the  substructure under the construction loads for specific layouts of material stocked on the newly built deck.

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Camp Lejeune, NC (USA)
Key Elements
Top-Down Bridge Construction Method, Crane Support Beams
Erection and Construction Engineering
Bridges in Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base
Bridges in Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base
Bridges in Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base