Project Description

In 2019 the Texas Department of Transportation launched the construction to improve the IH-10 at FM3180 interchange in Chambers County. The project includes a new bridge at IH-10 mainline over FM-3180 that replaces an existing overpass over IH-10 and the widening of FM-3180 from two to four lanes.

Pedelta has provided bridge engineering services to COPASA Inc. for the re-design of the IH-10 bridge to enable erection in two phases, accelerating the construction, which is limited to a tight schedule.

The bridge is a 1,640 ft long and 116 ft wide, accommodating six lanes, three in each direction. The bridge has fifteen simply supported spans, which uses TxDOT Girders (Tx54 and Tx46). The span length arrangement is 4 x 125 ft+3 x 88 ft + 120 ft+ 3 x 88 ft + 4 x 123 ft. The number and type of girders vary depending on the span. The beams are in composite action with an 8.5-in thick reinforced concrete deck. Multicolumn concrete piers with prefabricated bents and drilled shafts support the spans. Precast bents are also divided into two segments of 57 ft each to enable phased construction.

The bridge is built in halves with a longitudinal phase line between the central girders. Bridge completion is anticipated by January 2022.

Chambers County, Texas

Key Elements
Precast TxDOT Girders, Accelerated Bridge Construction

Detailed Design
Assistance During Construction
IH-10 Bridge at FM 3180 Interchange
IH-10 Bridge at FM 3180 Interchange
IH-10 Bridge at FM 3180 Interchange
IH-10 Bridge at FM 3180 Interchange