New segments and stays at Hisgaura Cable-Stayed bridge

Bogotá (Colombia), 2018-07-31
New segments and stays at Hisgaura Cable-Stayed bridge

Construction of Hisgaura Bridge at road Málaga – los Curos in the Province of Santander (Colombia) is ongoing, being Sacyr Construcción the contractor. The inverted Y-shape towers that will reach 70 m high above the deck level are about to be finished.

More than 50% of the segments and stays have already been built. The average construction cycle for each segment, including moving the form traveller, installation of reinforcement, concrete pouring, attachment of the cables and other finishing steps, takes between six and ten days. The two towers consist of two concrete pylons connected with transverse concrete girders in a classic “H” below the deck. The highest tower will be 148 m tall. The north abutment and the intermediate pier will take the back stays uplift force and will allow longitudinal movements of the deck.

Seismic dampers have been provided in the North abutment to dissipate seismic energy and optimize bridge design. The bridge will have a main span of 330 m, two back  spans of 125 m each and two approach spans of 36.5 m each. The elevation will reach heights over 135 m above the bottom of the valley. The deck, 13.7 m wide, will accommodate 2 traffic lanes and is suspended on two lateral stay planes. The deck will consist of two longitudinal prestressed concrete girders -1.40 m in depth- which are supported by stays spaced at 10 m, with floor beams 5 m apart, supporting the concrete deck.


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