Replacement of 26 Bridges in Cajamarca

Lima (Perú), 2018-03-09
Replacement of 26 Bridges in Cajamarca

Peru is currently involved in a modernization plan of the country’s infrastructure, which includes the construction and improvement of the 27,000 km highway network. In 2017, the National State Agency Provias launched several bridge replacement contracts, including two road corridors in the Region of Cajamarca. Pedelta was retained by the awarded Construction Joint Venture Puente Perú to develop the technical review, inspection, assessment, and rehabilitation design of 26 bridges. The scope also includes topography, traffic, hydraulics, foundations, and environmental impact studies.

These bridges include several structural types, such as concrete slab and girder bridges, and arches. The length of the bridges vary from 10 to 210 m, and the maximum span is 100 m long. Pedelta provided technical services for the bridge inspections, hydraulic and geotechnical studies, road design and constructability studies prior to the concept and detailed design.

In early 2018, the design of all the bridges was submitted for owner’s approval. Construction is expected to begin in spring 2018. Pedelta will support the contractor providing technical services and construction engineering.




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