Project Description

The project includes two main crossings over the Magdalena River, the longest navigable river in Colombia. The two bridges at Flandes and Puerto Salgar, designed by Pedelta, among other structures, feature similar characteristics to the conceptual design presented for the Garden City Skyway Bridge Twinning Project (QEW-GCS).

The two bridges are located on the navigable section of the lower Magdalena River. The bridge at Puerto Salgar is 6 km from the military base of Puerto Salgar ("Palanquero Airport"), and the bridge at Flandes is 2.6 km away from the Airport Santiago Vila (Flandes).

The Flandes bridge has an overall length of 300 m (Main three-span bridge is 75+150+75 m with a three-span approach of 34.6+35.1+34.7 m), and the Puerto Salgar multi-span bridge is 760 m long. The whole project is a 190 km long highway, including expansion, widening and realignments.

Both bridge crossings are in a seismic region and utilize deep foundations with 4 m diameter caissons up to 30 m deep for the Flandes Bridge and 2.5 m diameter piles for the Puerto Salgar Bridge, on silty sands and sandstone with a shallow groundwater table.


Design Approach

Pedelta produced a comprehensive study of alternatives coordinated with other disciplines such as roadway, geotechnical, hydraulic, and environmental at early design stages. These options were discussed with the contractor and owner to select the preferred solution.

The integrated team applied a lean design approach, resulting in an efficient and successful project outcome design, eliminating potential delays that might have arisen during construction.

Concession Alto Magdalena
Tolima, Caldas and Cundinamarca (Colombia)

Key Elements

Cantilever Construction, Continuous PC Box Girder, Wide Deck, Advanced structural analysis

Feasibility Studies/Conceptual Design
Value Engineering
Alto Magdalena Road Bridges
Alto Magdalena Road Bridges
Alto Magdalena Road Bridges