Project Description

Pedelta participated as a specialty consultant in the CP2&3 of the California High Speed Rail Project. This construction package belongs to the 801-mile long HSR line between Sacramento and San Diego. The expected train travel speed on this line is 220 mph, which will allow a 2 h 40’ trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The CP2&3 consists of a 60-mile segment between Fresno and Tulare-Kent County. The expected value of the contract was US$ 2.07 B.

Between May and October 2014, Pedelta provided value engineering consultancy during the conception and preliminary design of the structures, collaborating with the CJV and the lead designer. Additionally, Pedelta performed a design review of all the structures and estimated quantities.

Design/Construction Approach

The 2&3 segments presented six main HSR viaducts. For each viaduct, Pedelta collaborated in the selection of the structural type and the most adequate construction method. The typical spans, ranging from 121 to 161 ft in length were defined as concrete post-tensioned box girders, while the longer spans, up to 331 ft, consisted of steel through trusses. On the 36+ grade separations and secondary HSR structures, Pedelta collaborated in the definition of the layout of the structures, structural types and construction approaches. From our vast knowledge of the Spanish HSR and the experience in the previous CaHSR package, Pedelta also provided a comprehensive HSR consultancy to the CJV and the lead designer during the design process.

The innovations provided by Pedelta contributed to the reduction of the anticipated bidding value of the structure by up to 40%.

Fresno/Tulare Counties, California (USA)

Key Elements
Concept Design, High Speed Railway Bridges

Pre-bid Assistance
Value Engineering