Project Description

Pedelta collaborated in the development of the tender bid proposal for the Goethals Bridge Replacement Project in New York, now completed since 2018. The proposed plan featured an iconic cable-stayed bridge linking Newark to Staten Island, with a 900 ft long central span over the Arthur Kill strait. Additionally, two approach viaducts were proposed, and the total structure length was 7165 ft. The demolition of the existing bridge and its approaches was also part of the project.

Design/Construction Approach

The two outward inclined stay-cable planes are arranged symmetrically about the pylons, with a typical spacing between stays of 33 ft. The nearby Newark International Airport limited the height of the pylons, and the fluvial traffic imposed a high vertical clearance, resulting in a quasi-extradosed stay arrangement. The 158 ft wide composite platform consists of steel edge girders and a concrete deck. The bridge accommodates six 12 ft wide vehicular traffic lanes. In addition, the design left a 29 ft wide clear space between the eastbound and westbound structures for the future mass transit corridor (MTC). Located outside of the north cable plane, a 10 ft wide sidewalk/bikeway is supported by cantilever steel brackets.

Additional design features included relocating the 115 ft tall inclined main pylons to the outside of the roadway decks and using two inclined planes of cables instead of four. These design features enhance visual quality, increase flexibility for the future use of the bridge deck, and facilitate more efficient construction of the future MTC.

Goethals Bridge Development Group: ACS - John Laing - Dragados USA - Granite - T.Y. Lin, among others
Newark,NJ -Staten Island, NY (USA)
Key Elements
Cable-Stayed Bridge, Concept Design, Erection Methods
Feasibility Studies/Conceptual Design
Value Engineering