Project Description

The construction of the Perené suspension bridge was completed in late 2018. This new bridge located in the Junín Region of Peru will be a key road link for the social and economic development of the area, especially for the native Capachari community whose economy is based on the export of its products to markets and consumption centers.

The 102 m long bridge spans the Perené River, a tributary of the Amazon River. It is composed of two concrete towers, located at each end of the bridge, that raise the cables up to 17 m above the road surface. The cables are anchored to the blocks that make up the foundations, which are located at each end, 28.28 m and 38.26 m from the towers. The main cables have a nominal diameter of 15.70 mm. The vertical loads are transmitted to the cables through vertical suspenders composed of 7-wire strands, with the same nominal diameter as the main cables.

The road deck is composed of two metal trusses of 3.4 m in height, which extend along the total bridge length. The trusses are linked transversally by means of steel floor beams which are aligned with the truss nodes every 2.50 m. The floor beams are 500 mm deep and 300 mm wide. The reinforced concrete deck was cast in place on top of the steel bar truss girder slabs and connected to the floor beams with studs. The total width of the deck is 8.10 m and it accommodates two lanes of 2.75 m, two berms of 0.50 m and two sidewalks of 0.80 m.

The two pylons are composed of two rectangular shafts located on each side of the cross-section. Their width ranges from 1.55 m at the base to 1.20 m at the top, while their depth is constant at 1.20 m. Their foundation consists of caissons with a total embedded length of 33.10 m in order to reach the limestone layer.

In a nutshell, the complexity in the design and construction of this road infrastructure project in the Peruvian jungle can be highlighted. Pedelta carried out the structural re-design and construction engineering, as well as load and operation tests. The overall construction cost of the bridge was 37M Soles, (US $11 M).

Consorcio Pichanaki (INCOT SAC- EIVI SAC)
Pichanaki District, Junín (Peru)
Key Elements
Complex Design, Remote Location, Truss Deck
Detailed Design
Erection and Construction Engineering
Load Rating and Assessment
Perené Suspension Bridge
Perené Suspension Bridge
Perené Suspension Bridge
Perené Suspension Bridge
Perené Suspension Bridge
Perené Suspension Bridge