Project Description

The TransMiCable transport system opened to the public in late 2018, consisting of a cable car line that stretches across some of the neighborhoods in the south of Bogotá. Promoted by the City Agency Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano (IDU), the new transport system, which has four stations (Ilimani, Manitas, Juan Pablo II and Tunal), benefits over 750,000 people. It connects the population living in Ciudad Bolívar with the integrated transit system of Bogotá and covers a total length of 3.4 km in less than 15 minutes, cutting down travel times by up to an hour. Cable cars are an environmentally-friendly transport alternative in very steep areas such as Bogotá, where they have replaced diesel buses, resulting in a welcomed reduction in emissions.  

The new cable system has 163 cabins, enabling the transportation of 7,200 passengers per hour. The cables are supported by 60 intermediate towers with heights varying from 5 to 30 m. Along with the cable car, a lookout area was built in El Paraíso neighborhood to bring tourism to the area.

Design/Construction Approach

Pedelta participated in the design and construction supervision of the project between 2015 and 2018. Seismic forces posed a significant design challenge for both the stations and the tower foundations. The structural system chosen for all the stations consists of reinforced concrete moment resisting frames, which support both vertical and horizontal loads. Post-tensioned beams and slabs were used for the longer spans; whereas for the roof, long-span steel trusses were used. The towers were conceived with an inverted pendulum system. Unique architectural requirements made this project an engineering challenge at the forefront of structural design.

Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano de Bogotá (IDU)
Bogotá (Colombia)
Key Elements
RC Frames, PT Beams and Slabs, Long-span Steel Trusses, Seismic Design
Detailed Design
Assistance During Construction
New Cable Transport System in Bogotá
New Cable Transport System in Bogotá
New Cable Transport System in Bogotá
New Cable Transport System in Bogotá
New Cable Transport System in Bogotá