Project Description

Rio’s Museum of Tomorrow, a Santiago Calatrava project, has a long, white, mobile steel carapace and a white concrete structure.

This building is part of the $5 billion Brazilian “Marvelous Port” project that will regenerate the city’s waterfront district. The museum is surrounded by pools of recycled rainwater and several gardens.

Design/Construction Approach

Pedelta collaborated with Engeti in the structural design of the concrete structure. Due to its complex geometry, a full 3D finite element shell model was developed, in order to determine the forces and design the concrete elements.

The mostly monolithic nature of the building and structural rigid connections between the vertical and horizontal elements was thoroughly analyzed, especially regarding the shrinkage and creep effects in the concrete.

Engeti, Consultoria e Engenharia S/S Ltda
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Key Elements
Tri-dimensional monolithic complex concrete forms

Complex Structural Analysis and Design
Structural design of Museum do Amanha
Structural design of Museum do Amanha